Key facts

Product description

7 x 2,8 W = 19,6 W LED | Lumens 2604 lm
Valor cromático / CRI 90 | 2700K

Transparent Glass
Frosted Glass
Green Glass
Blue Glass

Product family


“When the light is projected and reflected in the materials that are found along the way, it creates a set of sparkles and shadows. All of which enriches the object”.

The Drop is born of conversations and reflections, of drawings on terraces of restaurants and of being carried away by the idea that “one thing leads to another”. A family of lamps that speak the same language but in which each one has its own personality. With the Drop, the goal was clear from the beginning: make a cascade pendant lamp. One of the most outstanding features of the Drop is its diversity of sizes. We find versions of 1, 6, 7, 12, 24, 36 and 48 lights only in suspension.
And so, starting from this initial premise, ideas of new typologies began to emerge: several wall lamps, two table lamps, a floor version with a support tray and USB connection, and also a specific solution for libraries.