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MINT_2_W glass wall tile
MINT_2_W glass wall tile
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Product description

MINT_2_W (lit from rear)

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All products are made totally from glass recovered from household and commercial waste and all are suitable for interior and exterior use. The process involves transforming waste glass first to cullet and then thermally forming the cullet to 'new' glass.

Finishing processes such as cutting, edge polishing, fusing and kiln forming, sand blasting, laminating and decorative processes are carried out to render the material suitable for a variety of applications.

Although all products are provided in a standard range, different thicknesses and colourways are also available. Indeed, our specials department are able to produce items to your specific design and requirements - a dream for all designers and architects.

6-8 mm

110 x 530 mm
110 x 440 mm
110 x 220 mm
110 x 110 mm
220 x 530 mm
220 x 440 mm
220 x 220 mm
220 x 90 mm
Specials also available

Please be aware that due to the nature of the recycled glass materials used in the manufacture of our tiles and the manual processes we employ, the colours shown in the images may vary from the tiles we have in stock.
Sample tiles may vary slightly in colour and texture from tiles currently produced or in stock.