Product description

Asano N1 is a source input module to connect an extra source to the Asano system: analogue, S/PDIF, optical or USB. It is easy to integrate and can easily be hidden behind a TV or other audio source. This way, you can then enjoy the source’s audio anywhere in the house.

Asano is a high-end multiroom audio system, designed for KNX home automation systems or as a standalone solution. It offers a multi-user music server with intuitive app, along with powerful multiroom stereo amplifiers and other AV control modules. Asano offers excellent sound quality in a comprehensive, flexible and reliable audio solution. All of this can be controlled with the beautiful app and any KNX controller, like the touch-sensitive switches by Basalte.

Input module:
188 x 30 x 105 mm

Product family


Asano is a networked multiroom audio system that allows you to freely locate your sources and amplifiers anywhere in the house. It is ideal for homes of all sizes, as well as restaurants, sports bars and hotels. Asano transports uncompressed crystal clear audio from any source to any room over a dedicated Ethernet network. By doing so, the system offers an unseen flexibility and expandability. With Asano, a virtually unlimited number of sources can be distributed to up to 60 rooms and even more. Bang & Olufsen ICE power Class D amplifiers power the Asano system with unequalled performance and efficiency. Now, you can enjoy your music the way it was intended to be. With the internal advanced DSP, you can fine-tune your sound in every room just the way you want it, creating the ultimate listening experience. Asano perfectly integrates in KNX systems, without any interface, creating a new level of simplicity, flexibility and ease of installation.