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Alrisha SP
Axo Light
Brian Rasmussen
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Suspended lights-General lighting
Suspended li...-Pendant lights in aluminium
Suspended lights-Pendant lights in metal

Product description

105 cm wide x 94 cm high (300 cm max)

fluorescent, 33W max, or halogen, 150W max

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Alrisha is another name for the Alpha Piscium star in the constellation of Pisces. The Arabic name means "the rope": indeed, it is the point of convergence of two ribbons of stars that tie the tails of the fish in the constellation. Now Alrisha is also a lamp, which was conceived and designed by the Danish architect Brian Rasmussen, a lighting expert working on his first project for Axo Light. The encounter between the Venice-based Scandinavian designer and the Venetian manufacturer of international renown has given rise to the explosive exuberance of Alrisha.

Alrisha consists of a central spherical element which guards the light source, from which many twisted ribbons - a generous 132 in total - branch out to accompany the emitted light. The impression it gives you is of a bright star that shines its light in every direction.

The collection comprises a suspension and a wall lamp, which are both made of aluminium, painted in white.
The light source is either fluorescent, 33W max, or halogen, 150W max.
The wall lamps - especially when placed side-by-side - can create some fantastic lighting effects on the surfaces onto which they are applied: they consist of a twisted aluminium ribbon held in place in close proximity to the wall by two elements fitted at the extremities, which contain one 2x1,5 W LED each. They are available with a wall plaque, designed for fixing to a single power supply point, or without the plaque with two power supply points.