Product description

Materials: Arm and wall support in polished aluminium; diffuser in parchment paper or in silk satin fabric on a plastic frame.

Specification: The arm presents an articulation that enables the diffuser to rotate around 30° perpendicular to the wall.

Tolomeo parete diffusore 18: Height: 32,6 cm, arm: 18 cm, Diffuser Ø 18 cm
Tolomeo parete diffusore 24: Height: 35,2 cm, arm: 24 cm, Diffuser Ø 24 cm
Tolomeo parete diffusore 32: Height: 40,6 cm, arm: 32 cm, Diffuser Ø 32 cm

Light source:
Tolomeo parete diffusore 18: HALO max 1x42W (E 27) – ES (for parchment paper diffuser only) or HALO max 1x70W (E 27) – ES
Tolomeo parete diffusore 24: HALO max 1x70W (E 27) – ES or FLUO 1x18W (GX 24 q-2) – TC-TEL Electronic ballast integrated in the lampholder
Tolomeo parete diffusore 32: HALO max 1x150W (E 27) – ECO

Colour: wall support: mirror, diffuser: natural or grey

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