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Bardi's Bowl Chair
Bardi's Bowl Chair
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The Bardi’s Bowl Chair, produced by Arper in a limited and numbered edition of 500 pieces, comes with two new fabrics, made by the Venetian company Rubelli. The collaboration aims to celebrate the special Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in memoriam, which will be awarded to Lina Bo Bardi during the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. This important recognition will be awarded to Lina Bo Bardi for her role as designer, editor, curator, activist and creator of collective visions and was suggested by Hashim Sarkis, curator of the Architecture Biennale.
The iconic Bowl Chair was designed in 1951 by Lina Bo Bardi, but it was produced for the first time by Arper in 2012. The Treviso-based company identified itself in the design approach of Lina Bo Bardi, her values and vision, hence the decision to bring to light her work and contribution, both in terms of design and historicity. The Bardi's Bowl chair was developed in collaboration with the Sao Paulo-based Instituto Bardi, whose aim is to protect and promote the precious work of Lina Bo Bardi. Furthermore, from 2012 to 2016, Arper sponsored the traveling exhibition “Lina Bo Bardi:Together”, a journey that helped bring to light the architect's works and artistic productions, together with her thoughts and ideas.
Since its creation, Arper has tackled the Bowl Chair’s industrialization process with a creative approach that balances the interpretation of the original design with the contemporary advances in technique and production. This aims to reflect Bo Bardi’s original vision, while at the same time make use of the abilities and advantages brought by today’s production.
From September 2021, the Bardi’s Bowl Chair will be available in two new Rubelli fabrics: Lollipop and Eureka. The fabrics were chosen because they are similar to the work of Lina Bo Bardi, they respect the eclectic and contemporary essence of the project and enrich it with tactile sensations and colors that create a connection be- tween Italian and Brazilian culture. Lollipop is paired with the Rubelli fabric Ralph, while Eureka with Rubelli fabric Nap, both used for the cushions.