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Pivotica Pro
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Product description

The argenta pivotica Pro allows interior doors to be opened through 150° in both directions. Thanks to an active closure damper, the door always returns to its zero position. This keeps the door perfectly flush with the wall, ensuring there are no interruptions to the sleek design of the wall. An optional 90° holding position can also be fitted, allowing the door to remain open in both directions without the need for a doorstop. When floor-mounted, the pivotica Pro is perfectly suited for installation in a fully finished door opening. It can also be built in* to the floor for minimal door clearance at the bottom. The exact position of the pivotica can be chosen at will, meaning the hinge can be fitted either centrally, off-centre, or at the corner of the door. Lastly, the argenta pivotica Pro is fully compliant with the EN1154 standard for door closure mechanisms. The argenta pivotica Pro is also available in a 30-minute fire-resistant version with a special interdens kit. For door heights of 2500 mm upwards, we recommend using an argenta magnotica Pro (contactless magnetic door closure mechanism)
* Only applicable to Pivotica Pro 100

What are the benefits ?

- Easy surface-mounted or built-in installation
- Opening angle in both directions up to 150°
- With or without holding position at 90° in both directions
- Safe for underfloor heating applications (when floor-mounted)
- Free choice of pivot position (hinge point)
- Adjustable alignment (straight alignment)
- Adjustable bottom plate:

- Child-friendly (easy to open)
- Complies with EN1154 standard for door closing mechanisms

- Invisible
- Available for floor-to-ceiling-height doors
- Invisible door closer
- Black caps (incl. black screws) available as an option

Product family


Besides hinges and sliding doorsystems, ARLU also offers a range of hinges for pivoting doors. With these pivothinges the door can be opened 2-ways and closes automatically. As the pivotsystem is being build in the door leaf, it can be used for both new-build and renovations and is ideal for buildings with floor heating.