Product description

W: 15-24W
mA: 700mA
Lm: 1450-2400Lm
V: 220-240V
Hz: 50/60Hz
K: 3000/4000K
DIM: Push/1-10V/Dali
CRI: >80
IP: IP44
Kg: 1,7/1,8kg
m3: 0,00683m3
Position: Ceiling
Application: Recessed

Product family


Quad a square recessed LED light of 22x22 cm that can be place in a round recessing hole with a diameter of 20.5 cm. This combination of square perimeter and round hole, together with the new anti-shock pincers of Arkoslight, make Quad one of the most easily and conveniently installable pieces. Also, as it can be embedded in a round hole of 20.5 cm Quad can be a good option when reforming or replacing existing down lights.

Quad Glass is the version of Quad with a diffuser and protective glass. Quad Glass shares all the features of its non-glass version but reaching a higher protection degree (IP44), which improves protection in wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.