Product description

Incl.: Lark
W: 5W - 11W
mA: 200mA - 500mA
Lm: 415Lm - 843Lm
V: 220-240V
Hz: 50/60 Hz
K: 3000K
DIM: Phase Cut
CRI: >80
IP: IP20
Position: Ceiling
Application: Recessed
Accesories: Frame Accesory Gap2/4

Product family


Arkoslight launches Gap Asymmetric, the asymmetric lighting version of its recessed light Gap. This new piece completes the range of this product and offers a solution in installations where Gap is required as wall washer light or as a side light.Recessing downlight made in die-cast aluminum for 50mm diameter lamps. The retracted position of the lamp provides light and visual comfort all in one.
The system for fixing the lamp allows different sorts of 50mm lamps.
Its installation could be independently or modulated in groups of 2 or 4 lights, using frameworks accessories.