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Modular system of auditorium seatings

Innovative system of seatings that allows to rationally use the spaces and also ensures excellent levels of comfort.
The synchronized movement seat-backrest allows to compact the armchair in extremely reduced spaces, with a resulting large freedom of movement between the rows, to the advantage of the flow of people and the cleaning operations.
The armchair folds in a precise and noiseless way thanks to a patented device that cushions and accompanies the movement.

Technical Specifications

The back is in polyurethane cold foamed without CFC, with a steel insert; the average density is 45 kg/m3.
The seat is in polyurethane cold foamed without CFC, with a steel insert and elasticised bearing belts; the average density is 60 kg/m3.
The seat and the back are covered externally with a panel made of beech ply-wood, curved in a particular shape in order to create a very nice aesthetic movement with the sides.
The sides are made with an inner steel structure, where are placed the synchronised opening and the cushioned closing devices, and, when requested, the anti-panic writing tablet with its own rapid foldaway device.
The armrest can be padded and upholstered or in integral polyurethane.
The rapid retractable writing tablet inside the armrest is made of HPL material (High Pressure Laminated), in black colour, with rounded edges and it has an innovative and particular synchronized sliding / rotating / extracting movement; the anti-panic device of the tablet is steel made.
The supporting beam is in steel with a squared section 50 x 50 x 3 mm.
The foot and the aesthetic particular of the seat are in pressure polished die-cast aluminium and are both totally without any screws at sight.