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OMNIA is a multi-functional programme of seating and writing tops for classroom which affirms its exclusivity on the market thanks to the exceptional ergonomic qualities concentrated in a very small space. An in-depth study of design and positioning of the back resulting in an excellent level of comfort. OMNIA is also very sturdy as it was designed to bear the daily “rigours” of its young and boisterous users.

Manufacturing features

• The seat and back are made of 10 mm shaped beech ply-wood, varnished or padded and upholstered.
• The leg is made of elliptical tubular steel, dimensions 76 x 25 x 2 mm, welded to a 2.5 mm drawn steel foot having two or three holes for floor fixing.
• In the OMNIA BEAM version the bearing beam is made of 80 x 40 x 2 mm rectangular steel tube.
• The tip-up movement of the seat is mounted on brass bushes and automatically works with a return spring fitted in a polypropylene fulcrum cover.
• The supports of the seat are made of stamped steel and are 4 mm thick, whereas the supports for the back are in reinforced nylon.
• All metal parts are painted with epoxy powders and the small components are protected by a black galvanizing process.
• The optional padding is filled with contoured polyurethane foam: the thickness of the seat is 25 mm and the density 40 kg/m3 whereas the thickness of the back is 20 mm and the density 25 kg/m3.
• The writing top, which can be fixed or anti-panic, is made of post-formed scratch-resistant bilaminate wood conglomerate with rounded front edge. Side and rear edges in ABS, 2 mm thick.
• The standard depth is 300 mm and the thickness is 30 mm.
• The supports of the writing top are in stamped steel and are 3 mm thick.
• The anti-panic movement of the writing top is obtained by using two stamped steel hinges which are 5 mm thick and move on brass bushes.
• The document baskets are made of steel wire, 6 mm thick.
• The frontal panels may be made of micro-perforated steel plate (1 mm thick) or of scratch-resistant bilaminate wood conglomerate (20 mm thick), post-formed on both sides.