Product variants


A customized product was developed to meet specific design requirements such as maximum space between rows even if with a armchair with side to the floor where it was also necessary to install a wide fold away anti-panic writing tablet. The resulting volume is minimal – just 42 cm. The CONCERTO seat is available with a wood finishing for the back, as well as for the under-seat and the top of the armrests.

Conference / Auditorium seating
Technical Specifications

Full dismounting armchair.
The seat is made of tubular steel with elasticised bearing belts while the back is made of 10,5 mm beech ply-wood.
The padding of the seat is filled with self-extinguishing polyurethane, cold-foamed, without the use of CFC; thickness of 110 mm. and the minimum density of 40 kg/m3.
The padding of the back is filled with self-extinguishing contoured polyurethane foam with the average thickness of 65 mm and the density 40 kg/m3.
The armchair has the Class 1 IM Certificate for flame retardancy from the Italian Ministry of the Interior.
The side is made of structural steel with padded side panels.
The armrest can be padded and upholstered, in natural varnished wood or in polyurethane.
The anchor plate for floor fixing is in steel 6 mm thick. The covering base is in black varnished sheet-steel or in varnished solid beech-wood.
The tip-up movement of the seat works by gravity.
The lower part of the back is covered by a black painted steel plate or by a panel in varnished solid beech-wood.
All metal parts are painted with epoxy powders scratchproof, of black colour.

Place and row numbering, Row terminal light.
The numbers are stuck with warm method or embroidered.

The anti-panic writing tablet is made of HPL material, 8 mm thick, with rounded edges, black colour; the anti-panic device is steel made.


In this new version, the back is in beech wood with 13 mm. of thickness, in natural varnished color at sight and with upholstered pad.

The under seat is in natural varnished beech ply-wood at sight.

The upholstered side is made of structural steel with padded side panels.
The arms tops are in natural varnished beech ply-wood.