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400 x 105 / 120 x 74 cm
480 x 105 / 120 x 74 cm
560 x 105 / 120 x 74 cm
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THE NEW OFFICE: from desk to table

Your desk is your workplace and your workplace is your desk – at least, that’s how it used to be. Nowadays though, we don’t tend to sit at a designated desk all day long; working has become a exible activity that requires new solutions for the workspace.

Of course a workspace has to be somewhere you can sit at a desk and concentrate. There
is a growing need, however, for spaces that support a whole range of activities where the objective is teamwork and knowledge sharing. At Orgatec 2016, Arco will be launching a new collection of tables and accompanying furniture that are perfect for relaxed, productive workplaces.

The new work dynamic
The modern workplace emphasises the exchange of ideas and sharing knowledge. This requires a dynamic workspace that supports interactive working. Since people work more happily, better and more e ciently when they feel at home, the space needs to be comfortable, with warm materials and fabrics. Health is another important issue; there is a growing realisation that we – and especially o ce workers – spend too much time sitting down during a working day. One way of getting people to move around is to provide standing tables, which not only promote a healthy variation in working postures but also contribute to the dynamism that is part and parcel of the new way of working.

New: Grid Work by Jonathan Prestwich for Arco
The starting point for Grid Work was to provide a range of tables that supports unlimited knowledge sharing in a exible, healthy and comfortable work environment. This program- me was developed speci cally for the workplace by British designer Jonathan Prestwich together with Arco. With its considered, soft lines the Grid Work programme looks inviting whilst at the same time o ering connectivity and productivity. The programme has a table for every working moment – whether landing at the start of your work day, working on an individual project or holding a meeting – and each one is equipped with the electrical and communications points that are required of it.