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FLOORs Selection Chevron Larch Alba
FLOORs Selection
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Product description

TL-thickness: approx. 2,5 mm
Finish: natural oiled (Initial oil treatment required!)
Structure: brushed
45° or 60°
Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 120 mm
Lengths: 500, 525, mm
Grading: elegance
Profile: tongue & groove

Product variants

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Selection provides different patterns and formats that open up new dimensions, rediscover the traditional and revive the exceptional. Installed in herringbone or Chevron design, it breathes new life into a classic layout, at the same time presenting a contemporary and extravagant look. No other format offers so many different installation patterns such as Rhombus and Puzzle from Admonter.

Skin on wood – an inherent yearning that we all carry within us. TOUCH AND FEEL NATURE
with your feet or hands. At Admonter, we love wood and emphasise its innate characteristics, unlocking
it so that nature becomes tangible to us in our quest to understand it.

Admonter FLOORs - natura raw wood optics - NEARLY AS NATURE CREATED IT
With NATURA we have tried to capture this TEXTURE while still giving it a smooth, clean
and soft surface. Noble, stylish and with just the right touch of originality, NATURA meets all these requirements.

Admonter FLOORs - Reclaimed Wood - ANYTHING BUT BAREFOOT
When we let high-quality foliage and softwood look old, we do for good reason. Every GRAIN is
a LIVING PATTERN, every groove tells its own story. The ROUGH CHARACTER of these floors
makes them unsuitable to walk barefoot on. They compensate with their uniqueness and their very
special charm between design and alpine tradition.

Admonter FLOORs - LONG
It is not always the size that counts in life. In the case of Admonter LONG it becomes immediately clear that
this floorboard not only has the ideal dimensions to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, but also to reflect
the actual size of room. The perfect measurement for a perfect spatial effect.

Admonter FLOORs - XXLONG
The queen of floorboards is the XXLONG with plank lengths of up to 8 metres (on request). There is no better
and more effective way to have large spaces steal the limelight than with a long floorboard that so perfectly
combines the beauty and grace of nature in itself.

The creative individualist. It is rare that one format can offer so many variations – particularly with a 3D effect!

2bond twin - herringbone
Tradition reinterpreted. Practical to handle, diverse in design and a lot of choice. A simplified execution of the classic herringbone pattern.

The proven classic. Old love rediscovered – this traditional technique emphasises the natural beauty of wood in a very unique, yet particularly elegant way.

pc: natural oiled pro care: first treatment necessary!