Product description

Grading: basic
surface textures: sanded, brushed or cross
Finishes: untreated, natural oil, white natural oil or
custom colors
Dimension approx.: 33 x 200 x 2390 mm
Finishes: untreated/natural oil

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Whether a room is perceived as acoustically pleasant largely depends on the reverberation time. The reverberation time indicates the period of time that
a sound event requires in order to be inaudible. Through the proper use of sound-absorbing materials, the room acoustics can be specifically tailored to
the purpose of the room.


By varying the overall construction height (distance to the ceiling and type of damping), acoustic properties matching the respective requirements can be
created. In order to achieve the optimal auditory effect for the individual spatial situation, it is recommended to consult a designer with expert acoustic
knowledge or an acoustician at an early stage.

Masterful. Accentuated.
The natural ecological structure and low weight per unit area make it ideal for new construction as well as renovation.
But it would not do the Admonter name justice if design were to take a back seat in these sophisticated acoustic elements.
The Admonter acoustic elements open up new possibilities for acoustic and visual interior design. The eye sees only a part thereof;
the rest is seen with the ears!
Proven 100% sound absorption!

Solid wood structure with pronounced, linear acoustic absorption behaviour.

We present the sound choice for best acoustics.
• combinable with GALLERIA
• Ideal for low and medium-frequency range
• Suitable for use in sports or multi-purpose halls