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Work standing up for a few hours during the working day has a postive effect on our health, improving our capacity for concentration and productivity. After intensive research on occupational health and the observation of users in their daily activities, Actiu presents Mobility a new program for height adjustable desks. Basic and Telescopic versions and mechanically height adjustable, incorporate a sliding top series for easy access to cabling at any time. Mobility creates truly efective work spaces with a multitude of configurations, shapes and an insurmountable ease of adjustment.

Mobility creates stimulating office environments that promote creativity and collaboration. Mobility is flexible, versatile and receptive. Work desks, can be fitted according to the needs of use, in which the user can choose three variants of height adjustment: with electric motor on desks for working seated or standing and with mechanical adjustment or fixed height with levelers. Mobility confronts the current acoustic requirements of open office spaces with effective measures. The electric motor which adjusts the height is silent. The new sound absorbing dividers, made from polyurethane foams or latex, generate surfaces capable of reducing environmental noise.

Mobility creates truly efective work spaces with a multitude of configurations, shapes and an insurmountable ease of adjustment, from a simple conventional configuration until the more creative and complex concepts. Mobility is the solution for work spaces that guarantee success. Giving support to multiple cultures and work styles. The height of each desk can be regulated in an independent way. This way, Mobility promotes individual welfare and development. Additional elements such as dividers, CPU supports and accessories enable an integral customization. The horizontal and vertical wiring ducts, have a mounting and accessibility without the need for tools. They are extremely sk.

With various forms of work surfaces, joint and accessories possibilities, Mobility can be adapted ideally to real needs. Work alone or in a team. Allowing movement easily from a seated to a standing position in the same role. Mobility offers the possibility of incorporating a wide variety of useful accessories. Whether a modesty skirt - available in different materials - a divider with accessory holder or upper electrification outputs - which allows easy access to wiring-.

Maximum flexibility With advanced engineering, high quality finishes and diversity of styles. Mobility also offers outstanding structural robustness , very flexible and easy to assemble.