Product description

H: 900 mm
D: 580 mm
W: 580 mm
Armrest height: 680 mm
Seating height: 450 mm

Production Process
The Catch chair is made from molded PU foam with CMHR foam on the front for superior comfort. The metal base is made from Ø16mm steel tubes.

Base finishes and gliders
Matt black powder coating (RAL 9005). The tube base is fitted with plastic gliders suitable for most floor types as standard. Felt gliders available upon request.

Strength, Durability and Safety Testing
The Catch chair with tube base is tested for strength, durability and safety according to EN 16139 Level 1 - General contract use.

Product variants

Product family


CATCH, Jaime Hayon’s first contribution to &tradition’s collection, is a chair that welcomes you with open arms. Its armrests extend from the shell like literal limbs, ready to embrace you as you sit down. In addition to being a witty personification, it is also an eye-catching piece of design. Serpentine lines give it a playful lightness that is counterbalanced by a sturdy, well-balanced base and legs that ensure maximum comfort. The shell consists of molded polyurethane foam with a metal frame and glass fiber reinforcements. Covered in cold cured foam, and finally, leather or textile upholstery, the shell offers comfort alongside great variability. With multiple textile and leather upholstery options available from Camira, Gabriel, Kvadrat, CA-MO and two different options for the legs (white oiled oak or stained black oak), Catch can be adapted to almost any colour scheme. & in the 1980s, Hayon was interested in skating and grafitti culture, which had an impact on the playful, detailed, colourful and humouristic elements in his design style.

The swivel base edition makes the comfortable chair even more flexible and suited for the contract and conference market. It enhances the chair’s light and playful expression and serpentine lines and acts as the perfect base for the high quality shell. The swivel base is in cast aluminium and the shell is made from molded polyurethane foam with a metal frame and glass fiber reinforcements. Covered in cold cured foam, and finally, leather or textile upholstery, the shell offers comfort and great variability.

With its outstretched arms like a friend ready to greet you with a warm, welcoming hug, the Catch Lounge Chair builds on Hayon’s penchant for humour and personification. At the same time, it introduces a higher back and elongated seat in a singular shell supported by a metal armature. The result is a leisure chair that’s angled back just a bit – so you can sit down, relax and, as the name implies - lounge.

“The more we work with Hayon, the more we appreciate his ability to bring humanity and warmth to all his concepts,” says &tradition Brand Director Martin Kornbek Hansen. “Historically, classic lounge chairs had a somewhat
aloof aspect to them. However Hayon has managed to make the Catch Lounge Chair more personal and inclusive, setting the scene for a more intimate atmosphere and conversation. Which coincides with our Danish idea of cosy. Something we call hyggeligt.“

As Hayon sees it, “A lounge chair should be inviting to look at. In a way, it should be almost irresistible. Meaning you can’t help but sit back, get comfortable and have a chat. That’s what I wanted to achieve. With the added element of the two arms, like a friend, happy to welcome you.”

Hayon brings the same welcoming spirit of his Catch Chairs to the Catch Bar Stool. Like a friend ready to give you a hug, the arms extend outwards from the curved seat. The result is a bar stool that is a conversation piece, setting the scene for a cosy exchange from the start. The bases are tubes powder coated black and available in two heights, with an enormous array of fabrics and leather types to choose from for the seat itself. It is the utmost in humanity and simplicity with a touch of humour.
“Hayon has a talent for creating inviting designs imbued with a certain energy,” notes &tradition CEO Martin Kornbek Hansen. “The Catch Bar Stool and Counter Stool are no exception. Whether you are relaxing at home or out at a bar or lounge with others, the Catch Bar Stool and Counter Stool are an open invitation to meet, greet and start a conversation.” As Hayon sees it, “Everyone takes design so seriously. My idea behind the Catch collection is to instantly make people feel welcome. That is why the seat is curvy and comfy with outstretched arms. Like a friend waiting for you.”