Sculptural tables.

Evoking classical forms, Vestige reflects on how the passage of time sculpts matter. Note has designed this family of tables in the context of Void Matters, a purely conceptual set of products that explores the shapes of an object considering the positive and negative sides of matter.

Two simple elements shape the table , delicate in appearance but sturdily constructed.

The sculptural base is formed by a rectangular block from which a cylindrical section has been subtracted from the upper part. Choose from three different finishes; Tarkket’s iQ surface in Marino blue, also by Note, as well as a wide range of lacquer or ash wood stain colours.

There are two dining table versions, one with a rectangular top and two bases, while the other has a round top and a single base. In both cases, the glass is always tempered translucent bronze.

In addition to the glass tops, the coffee tables are available in, stained ash wood or lacquered MDF.

Vestige exhibits strength and beauty in simple ways.