Two points of view 

Core and Remnant present different construction techniques to create and produce opposite forms from the same silhouette.

They are also the origin of the Void Matters’ concept – by Note Design Studio-, a reflection on how matter can be shaped when emphasizing its presence or reducing it to its minimum expression, to give prominence to void. By acknowledging this emptiness, it becomes a design element just as important as the objects themselves.

“It all started with a naive sketch on a piece of paper, which could be interpreted as a thin silhouette or a massive body” explains Kristoffer Fagerström from Note.

Core is the positive space, borne out by the resounding and comfortable volumes of this model. Note imagines it as a piece sculpted from a single block of matter.

Its wide seats and constructive details bring to mind classically-inspired furniture and shapes. Its proportions are balanced for the armchair and the two sofa sizes available.

Remnant would represent the negative part. For Note it represents the material that the sculptor might have discarded after creating Core. An ethereal and gentle silhouette whose seat seems to float in the air.

Core and Remnant share a wide range of textiles. Neutral tones emphasize the formality of the designs, while the use of bright colours add a casual and playful aesthetic, ideal for eclectic spaces.

Although the strong identity of each design allows their prominence separately, the shared aesthetic language between Core and Remnant makes easy to mix and match them in the same environment.