Ortal, the industry’s leader in luxury fireplaces introduces its latest innovation – The Wilderness Collection with Firelog Technology. This patent-pending technology delivers the only lifelike log-and-flame experience available today, providing a luxurious, warm ambience with all the convenience of gas, and without the mess or lingering smell of wood fire.

Firelog Technology produces unparalleled, campfire-like flames. The real-fire appearance is achieved by allowing the gas to flow directly within the log media, resulting in a taller, more realistic flame. The fireplace media also creates a fuller flame, more closely resembling the traditional look and feel of a campfire. Ortal’s approach is starkly different than the industry’s common “ribbon” burner method in which identically-sized flames shoot out of a straight pipe at the bottom of the fireplace, resulting in an artificial-looking flame that belongs on a kitchen stove, not a campsite.

Wilderness Collection fireplaces are also equipped with internal lighting, creating a lustrous glow within the fireplace which adds a sublime ambiance to any room, even when the fire is not turned on. With the natural-looking log arrangement and attractive internal lighting, a Wilderness Collection fireplace elevates the room and becomes its centerpiece.