Following the successful market launch of the LUCTRA® VITAWORK® 2018 office luminaire and the supplemented version with HCL function in January 2020, LUCTRA® is now launching another new product: VITAWORK® TWIN.

Equipped with the usual features of the VITAWORK® family, VITAWORK® TWIN illuminates 4 workstations evenly and in compliance with standards from two panels. The TWIN version is therefore particularly suitable for modern office combinations such as desk islands.

The new LED double-headed floor lamp focuses on visual comfort. Thanks to the combination of direct and indirect lighting, the two lamp heads mounted on the sides of the luminaire ensure uniform and standard-compliant illumination of the entire work area in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1 and ASR 3.4. The double asymmetrical light distribution also makes the task luminaire a suitable solution for deep rooms. Each head is equipped with a separate touch panel for control and can thus be dimmed separately according to individual requirements. The direct and indirect components can be regulated independently of each other.