Contemporary Italian lighting brand Lodes has joined forces with multidisciplinary French designer Patrick Norguet to release Flar, a minimal yet sculptural floor and table lamp.
The name Flar evokes images of a flare or ‘flamboiement’ in French – an intense blaze or burst of light.
Inspired by traditional storm lanterns which use glass pipes to protect the flame, Flar features a billowing glass shade designed to surround an LED filament bulb to magnify the light source and diffuse a warm, vibrating glow.
Flar demonstrates a masterful combination of Lodes’ iconic materials, metal and glass. The lamp comprises a steel base which opens like a flower, leading to a charmingly imperfectly moulded glass shade. The contrast between the precise 3D laser cut base and the uniqueness of the blown glass bubble illustrates the exceptional craftsmanship and skill at the heart of Lodes’ DNA.
Mouth-blown and tinted, Flar serves as a captivating decorative object even when switched off. The glass shade is available in honey and turquoise whilst the base comes in champagne and terra, a warm tone combining hints of pink, orange and brown. In typical Lodes fashion, these elements can be combined according to personal taste. Additionally, Flar features a dimmer controlled with the cable mounted power switch, allowing users to modulate the intensity of the light to create their ideal lighting scheme.
Available in two sizes, 47 cm and 62.5 cm, the Flar collection suits different uses such as on a low console table or next to a sofa. Together, the two sizes offer an opportunity to play with scale to create a unique composition for a hotel lounge or retail space.
Highly impactful in its simplicity, Flar perfectly exemplifies Lodes’ commitment to balancing heritage with accessible and contemporary design.