The WOOD-SKIN inside team unveils a new product: the FOLDABLE OFFICE is finally here.
After years of experience developing foldable products with firms such as Zaha HADID architects, the MIT self assembly lab, BMW dmg and more, the WOOD-SKIN inside team is thrilled to announce that a new product to answer the needs of the home working revolution will drop on kickstarter on the 19th of October 2020.

Today, we are living in a world profoundly shaped by an emergency that is changing forever the way we live and work, making homes hybrid spaces where it is necessary to juggle work and your personal life. Synonymous with versatility, the WOOD-SKIN® technology offers the opportunity to create an object to answer this new need. The Foldable Office is an origami inspired workstation that helps you move everything you need from one room to the other and from one place to the next with ease and style.

Designed for those who transform limits into opportunities, the new Foldable Office is by far the simplest yet most practical folded object ever conceived by the Wood-Skin team. With a clever design, it transforms in just a few steps, from workstation to space divider. It is realised with beautiful materials, in Italy, via WOOD-SKIN’s patented manufacturing process.

Wood-Skin Team