Lumen 175 NRS is the new Falmec kitchen hood of the NRS Noise Reduction System collection. A technology patented by Falmec for more than 10 years and the company's strong point, it is highly appreciated by the market for its ability to respond exactly to what customers require in the kitchen. Acoustic comfort and maximum performance in absorbing odors, in fact, make it possible to live to the fullest in a living space dedicated not only to cooking but also to hospitality and conviviality. The noise level for solutions equipped with this technology, in fact, is almost imperceptible (up to -86% sound power).

With its structure in AISI 304 stainless steel, Lumen Isola 175 NRS is a hood that cannot go unnoticed.
Thanks to its impressive dimensions and the LED strips positioned along the length of both sides of the hood, it not only brilliantly illuminates the island worktop, but also provides pleasant ambient light.
The suction in this solution takes place along its perimeter while the power is regulated by an electronic control panel on the front of the hood. The optional Carbon.Zeo filter also allows for maximum capacity to absorb cooking odors.