A linear and balanced design for an armchair of unprecedented comfort. Colibrì has a light appearance but, at the same time, an important presence in the space in which it is placed. The special padding of the seat and backrest enhances the sense of softness and comfort, already guaranteed by the quilted canneté upholstery that gives volume to the figure. The Colibrì armchair has a wide seat that comfortably welcomes the guests and envelops them with its imposing backrest. The oversized body, supported by an apparently slender base, creates an interesting play on balance. The swivel base with five spokes gives particular lightness and movement to to the whole design, recalling the idea of “comfort without gravity” imagined by the designer.

The Colibrì armchair is also available in the Colibrì so version, with a different padding and an enhancement of the lines of the project, interpreted with softer shapes. It’s a solution that safeguards the design balance while conveying, at the same time, the idea of a so embrace and a welcoming space.