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South Pond, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, Studio Gang, 2010;  photo: Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing


Bright Lights. Big City.

With Light+Building – the world’s foremost trade fair for architecture and technology – about to open its doors in Frankfurt to an eager international audience, Architonic takes a look recent urban-lighting projects that throw a spotlight on innovative design and technology.

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  • Bright Lights, Big City: urban-lighting projects that dazzle
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  • Inspiring Search Results N° 27: Bollard lights
  • Inspiring Spaces N° 19: Public squares
  • Architecture and Design Projects on Architonic

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Bright Lights, Big City: urban-lighting projects that dazzle

The highly utilitarian nature of urban lighting hasn’t stopped designers and manufacturers from adding value to projects that illuminate our cities through forward-facing design and technology. Architonic sheds some light…

The clean lines of Santa & Cole’s Rama LED street lights complement the surrounding contemporary architecture of the new Design HUB Barcelona. Individual refractor lenses direct light from a grid of LEDs downwards to reduce light pollution

Cities are sites of 24-hour activity, and if you’ve ever been lost in one at night, taken an evening stroll, or tried to find a taxi after stumbling out of a nightclub, then you’ll appreciate the importance of safe and well-lit streets. Such practical concerns mean that urban lighting is often overlooked as a source of elegant and inspirational design. However, the need to develop products that can stand the test of time, both aesthetically and functionally, regularly results in pioneering innovations that are a match for the best contemporary architecture.

Lighting designer Reto Marty and BURRI public elements developed these LED lights that look like traditional lamp shades for ETH Zürich university. They introduce a domestic feel to the campus and create spaces for outdoor gatherings

As well as ensuring that streets and public spaces are safe and attractive, one of the key concerns of city planners today is reducing energy consumption. For this reason, the evolution of energy-efficient lighting technologies such as LEDs has had a huge influence on the latest generation of street lights. The Rama LED from Spanish design brand Santa & Cole illustrates how the introduction of cutting-edge light sources enhances the performance of these products. Originally designed by Gonzalo Milá in 2000, the updated LED version of Rama provides a direct light that minimises light pollution and can be controlled accurately. Like other LED street lamps, it also has an impressive longevity of over 60,000 hours, meaning minimal maintenance is required.


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MOBILIA: 100 years of design by Belgian architects at the Atomium

The exhibition MOBILIA, at the Atomium in Brussels, that runs from February 12 until June 15 2014, focuses on the talent of architects whose work, since the late nineteenth century, has evolved beyond the design of buildings, to the creation of furniture and objects. Belgium hasn’t bucked this trend. Some emblematic movements of modernist architecture were initiated, among others, by Belgian architects Victor Bourgeois and Huib Hoste with Le Corbusier...


Inspiring Search Results N° 27

Bollard lights



Inspiring Spaces N° 19

Public squares



Architecture and Design Projects on Architonic

Vezzini & Chen design

Close Up by Vezzini & Chen design
London | United Kingdom | Prototype 2013

LPDL projects

Frame Credenza by LPDL
United States
photographer: Stephan Goettlicher

Isabel Bürgin

grazia Chaiselongue by Isabel Bürgin
Switzerland | Completed 2009


Deutsche Bank BrandSpace
Frankfurt am Main | Germany | Completed 2011

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