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It's all go. This month, Architonic not only celebrated its tenth anniversary at ICFF 2013 in New York, but it also announced the official launch of its activities in North America. It's only a matter of time before you'll be able to find many more of the best products from North America and Canada on Architonic.

Meanwhile, in London, the first edition of the May Design Series took place: you can experience the event for yourself in the form of our extensive Architonic Photo Tour.

Here's a brief overview of the contents of our May Newsletter:

  • Agenda June - July 2013
  • ICFF 2013: The New York Review
  • London Calling: May Design Series 2013
  • Sounding Out: room acoustics make themselves heard
  • Inspiring Search Results N° 17: Acoustic wall systems
  • Inspiring Spaces N° 9: Conference halls
  • Recent architecture and design projects on Architonic


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Zimmer + Rohde Interior Contract Award

Zimmer + Rohde is going to present the Zimmer + Rohde Interior Contract Awards for the first time in 2013 in response to the growing demand for custom textile designs. The panel of judges will include: Tobias Lutz, Anne Maria Jagdfeld, Hadi Teherani, Matteo Thun, Axel Venn, Andreas Henke and Andreas Zimmer.

This award is a new way of appreciating creative work of architects, interior designers and textile furnishing specialists using outstanding textiles. The competition focuses on individual, holistic, textile-based interior design.


Agenda June - July 2013


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ICFF 2013: The New York Review

With economic contraction giving way in the US to a period of sustained growth, it’s little surprise that this year’s ICFF in New York – under new management – was the most confident edition in some time. Architonic, which is strategically strengthening its presence in North America, was there with a busy stand, a new sales representative for the region, and an unforgettable party on a historic boat. As they say Stateside, what’s not to like?


A little bit of rain is nothing to seasoned sailors: Architonic welcomed its existing and future members to a party on board the historic expedition vessel MV Cape Race, which was moored outside the ICFF


The city that never sleeps was certainly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for this year's edition of ICFF, which was, without doubt, the most confident seen since the global economic landscape became much more uneven terrain towards the end of the last decade.

It's been a tough five years for the US, with a large budget deficit, high levels of personal debt, and, of course, that troublesome fiscal cliff. Yet the clouds have parted Stateside, as growth once again returns to the New World. The deficit is set to fall to 4% of GDP in 2013 and further still to just 2.1% by 2015, while unemployment is falling and tax revenues are on the rise. Meanwhile, Europe – which continues to pursue a more austerity-oriented path, one that would appear, many argue, to be deferring to a large extent the return of sustainable financial growth – can only look on with envious eyes. (For Germany, at least, there's an upside to all of this – furniture exports to the States were up an impressive 38.2% in the first quarter of 2013, year on year.)



London Calling: May Design Series 2013

There's strength in numbers. A new date in the international design-expo calendar – The May Design Series – has successfully brought together and revitalised two pre-existing specialist fairs, creating an impressive showcase for high-end bathroom, kitchen, lighting and furniture design. Architonic reports from its first edition.


With Architonic as curator of the Cologne container, the DX FREIGHT installation presented selected products from each of the world's leading design fairs


There’s a new show in town – although the May Design Series is really an amalgamation of two established events from the London design calendar with some added extras. Global events company, UBM, brought together kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms (kbb LDN); architectural, retail and commercial lighting (The ARC Show); cutting-edge design for contract and retail (DX), and mid-high end interior products (INTERIORS LDN) under one roof at the ExCeL exhibition centre to provide a one-stop shop for architects, interior designers and specifiers looking to source new products at the culmination of Europe’s busy trade fair circuit. “People’s workloads are constantly increasing and budgets are being squeezed, so creating a show that brings together everything this demographic needs in a single destination helps to ease both of these issues,” explains Andy Vaughan, brand director at UBM.



Sounding Out: room acoustics make themselves heard

When was the last time a building won an award for the way it sounds? Architecture, and by extension society, has long privileged the visual over the aural. Yet a number of architects are starting to think and design in a more complete sensory way, informed by the research of acoustics experts. Listen up.


Felt makes its presence felt at interior architects i29’s interior for marketing agency Tribal DDB Amsterdam, where the sound-absorbing material is applied to structural elements as well as furniture and lighting


In the arsenal of recently coined terms to vilify the various manifestations of what we have come to call antisocial behaviour, there’s a new word on the block: sodcasting. This neat bit of wordplay, which in Britain is rapidly gaining currency to describe the act of playing loud music on a mobile phone in a public space, usually on public transport, exemplifies what sound expert Julian Treasure describes as ‘the paradigm of personal broadcasting that we have all fallen into’.


Designer and Head of Programme at the Royal College of Art Ab Rogers has delivered an acoustically optimal restaurant interior for PizzaExpress in Richmond, London. 'Living Lab' allows guests to conduct conversations with ease, even when the space is full


Author of the book ‘Sound Business’ and chairman of the UK-based Sound Agency, Treasure considers us all guilty, to a greater of lesser extent, of making this world an ever noisier one. While technology, with its beeps, whirrs and general signs of electronic life, has served to turn up the overall volume dial, certain aspects of technology cause us to behave badly ourselves. A prime example of this is mobile telephony, which has in a relatively short space of time displaced a shared, centuries-old understanding of such notions as consideration and privacy.


 Inspiring Search Results N° 17: Acoustic wall systems

 Inspiring Spaces N° 9

Recent architecture and design projects on Architonic


Neri & Hu Design and Research Office


Design Republic's Design Collective | Qingpu District, Shanghai | China, People's Republic of | Completed 2011-2012
photographer: Shen Zhonghai

CVDB Arquitectos


Braamcamp Freire Secondary School | Pontinha, Lisbon | Portugal | Completed 2010–2012
photographer: Invisiblegentleman

Daniel Becker Design Studio


Vincent | Germany | Completed 2011

Gabriela Bellon


RAYAS Collection | Germany | Completed 2012

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