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“I enjoy being able to transform the lives of those who contract me. I believe architecture has this power”. Arthur de Mattos Casas has built the three decades of his career in Architecture and Urbanism on this party. He graduated at Mackenzie Presbyterian University and entered the market during a historical hiatus in the country and in the national architecture, and turned that scenario into his foundations. “I graduated in 1983, a difficult

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Brasília: Eine Stadt in Bewegung (Teil II)



(Article available in German only) Das öffentliche Leben in Brasília ist trotz des urbanen Reissbrettcharakters bunt. Es gibt erstmalig eine Brasília-Generation. Menschen die in der neuen, auf Piloten gebauten Stadt geboren wurden, sich mit ihr


Brasília: Eine Stadt in Bewegung (Teil I)



(Article available in German only) Alle sprechen vom Himmel über Brasília. Der sei einfach unvergleichlich – so weit, so hoch, so blau!



Dominic Lutyens


In the retail world, bookstore interiors are arguably changing more radically than in any other sector. Time was when bookshops appealed for being old-world and fusty, with their labyrinthine layouts, faintly musty smells and eccentrically bookish


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