About llll:

Sarah Dehandschutter has been working as an artist designer since 1996, producing handmade chandeliers made to order and tailored to benefit the interior of the client. The experience she gathered while exploring different techniques and materials has led to the creation of simple stylized and dynamic forms. Her new collection of lamps is the result of her main method of creation. She exploits the tension of fabric stretched to its extremes over bended rods. This leads to light sculptures with a natural elegance that have a unique soft and streamlined character. The fluent forms look different from every angle, suggesting lightness and ongoing movement.

Most models are made directly by stretching two layers of specially developed polyamide tricot around an aluminum frame, creating a hollow volume. A high quality warm white LED strip light (2400K, 90CRI, 14Watt/meter) is incorporated in the frame. The lamps are so illuminated from their outer edges, equally dispersing the light throughout the volume, creating a rich moiré effect by shining through the small holes of the fabric. A copper wire can also be knitted along the length, accentuating the moiré effect and adding a golden glow.

The flowerpots are created in the same way, but are reproduced in a mould in fiberglass.

All items are handmade, but modern tools, like ultrasonic welding and 3D printing ensure a stable small scale production.
Besides the above mentioned models, custom made options always remain possible.