Up, upcycled fabrics talking about environmentally sensitive and sustainable design

Up is much more than just fabric. It’s a commitment to life, a commitment to the environment and the real opportunity to build a better future for all. It’s all about transforming the immediate surroundings into a warm, friendly, inviting and sustainable environment. And the logical beginning is starting from its base, from its threads, from its composition.

So, this is the new design developed by Equipo DRT, built upon polyester fabrics, which will help transforming public spaces and residential areas into environmentally sensitive and sustainable places, or what’s the same, into sustainable luxury and harmony. Among some other qualities linked to an upcycled product, that truly cares about the environment and the future, lands on the market with two textile innovations: Up-Loop and Up-Twist. Because we already knew fabrics talk, listen to you, decorate and inspire... but what’s more, fabrics also feel.. and make you feel. Upcycling textiles, environmentally sensitive an sustainable design.

Up-Cycled (What’s Up?)
Recycling makes one step forward with Up. An upcycled product is before our eyes, with an improved second life, made out of recycled polyester fabrics. Thanks to this brand new design, polyester threads and fabrics are reused and reconverted again, span and weaved. This is how they have the ability to extend the useful life of its original components. Therefore, Up is an improved and recovered design, transformed into a new and original product more concerned about its environmental impact.

UP-Design (Why UP?)
Up is a fabric made for a sustainable future, from recycled material, committed to environmental protection and build with social consciousness. So, with this brand new design, Equipo DRT supports the textile innovation and evolution and also shows its corporate social responsibility and its contribution to new and Updated principles and values in draping and curtaining. These fabrics talk, listen to you, decorate and inspire... but what’s more, fabrics also feel and make you feel. They are environmentally sensitive and sustainable. They are upcycling textiles.

UP-Fiendly (When UP?)
Recycling and upclying benefit us all. Gain environmental consciousness in the world of interior design is also an import contribution for a sustainable future. Reducing, reusing and recycling is not enough anymore. The most important nowadays is changing our working habits to stay positive and face environmental challenges. The new level of an eco-friendly mentality, the basis for the gestation of UP.

UP-Spaces (Where’s UP?)
Up and upcycling textiles are a brand new generation of decorative fabrics for spaces both residential and contract, private homes and hotels, which want to become the leader and reference point for the art of smart design, the intelligent design. For those places where the real essence of the product is highly appreciated and live the upcycled way of life, the true luxury and textile quality, and at the same time they are worried about the future.

UP-Life (Who’s UP?)
The upcycled is, unquestionably, a lifestyle. A new way of conceiving the relationship between next generation of consumers and the environment, without neglecting aesthetic principles. Because, every day post-consumers want to live surrounded by objects and designs that make life easier and more comfortable. They want to be loyal to their decorating style and tastes without forgetting their compromise with the idea of a sustainable future.

So, therefore UP is an upcycled fabric for curtain. It is reinvented, improved, sensitive, sustainable, committed to the future, intelligent, eco-friendly, with high quality and true luxury... and true life. And you? This is Up to you.


Top Facts

· Upcycled fabric, coming from recycled polyester.

· Equipo DRT supports textile innovation.

· Contract fabric: class 1. Hospitality, corporate offices, public places.

· Residential applications: bedrooms, kitchens, home offices.

· Eco-friendly: sustainable and environmentally sensitive interior design

· Smart design: intelligent design, a contribution to a sustainable future

· Upcycling textiles: fabrics talk, listen to you, decorate, inspire... and feel.

· True luxury: textile quality with the ability to extend the useful life of the product.

· Up-life: lifestyle and design with an eco-friendly mentality.

· Confidence in textile: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.


Arantxa Porter