Summer retreat, winter retreat, Alpine retreat, family retreat….. In many, many respects House Carezza is a retreat. And even if it widely opens up two of its sides to the Alpine panorama, it does at the same time hideout the view of the more than close neighboring buildings. This adds to the retreat indeed!

The shingle-clad outer shell will weather in time, and it’s welcome to do so! That will make it fit wonderfully into the local building tradition that has used this technique over the centuries.

In contrast to the outside character, which has a certain roughness to it, communicating with the harsh atmospheric conditions of the changing seasons in a high alpine setting, the interior spaces are refined and sophisticated, bringing the used materials – wood, stone, and steel - to very elaborate workmanship. Distinguished spaces are created, that allows a retreat of rest and relaxation. And that’s where inspiration starts!

Design Team:

Tara Architekten
Main Contractor: Hanlug GmbH
Electrician: Elektro A. Haller