• Estadio | Pendant Lamp

    Estadio | Pendant Lamp

    Santa & Cole

Nestling in the midst of the Eixample, one of Barcelona’s most iconic neighbourhoods, the Casa Bonay has transformed a building dating back to 1869 into a hotel that depicts the Mediterranean and Barcelonan essence. It is a place to get to know the city’s talent, a reflection of a lifestyle which has authenticity and curiosity at its heart. Nina Masó, editor and co-founder of Santa & Cole, was involved in the Casa Bonay lighting project from the outset.

The Santa & Cole Catalogue, which shares the warm Mediterranean feel that the hotel was after, therefore became part of this project through the lighting.
A majestic entrance leads into the hotel through what was originally the coach gate, which is lit with the solemn and elegant Estadio light by Miguel Milá.

Libertine is the bar-restaurant situated in the hotel lobby, a place to eat well and relax, chat, work, drink tea, or simply be. This space is lit with Antoni Arola‘s Cirio, inspired by the great lamps of the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul. The more intimate Básica Mínima lamp was chosen to accompany evenings at the Libertine tables, a time when less intensity is required. For the shared tables, however, we opted for the essential shapes of the BlancoWhite lamp, also by Antoni Arola.

The Comodín lamp, with its red ribbon shade, helped us to highlight the original baTabasTa prints that decorate the reception bathroom walls.
You can therefore find such pieces by this great Spanish designer as the Wally wall lamp lighting the way for visitors through the corridors and in the courtyard. The warm and simple TMM wall lamps above the hotel’s bedside tables take of nighttime lighting needs. In rooms with lower ceilings, the filtered light of the Maija de suspensión pendant lamp was chosen instead, designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara in 1955.

For the glazed balconies, the eastern tranquillity of the Nagoya lamp was chosen, designed by Ferran Freixa in 1961. And Miguel Milá’s M64 shines a light for reading on the sofas in the lounge area.

Project Partners

AOO, Teixidors, Mucho, Asilvestrada, baTabasTa, Blackie Books, Tack Studio, Las Lilas, Mother & Satan’s Coffee Corner

  • Cirio Circular | Pendant Lamp

    Cirio Circular | Pendant Lamp

    Santa & Cole

  • Estadio | Wall Lamp

    Estadio | Wall Lamp

    Santa & Cole

  • M64 | Pendant Lamp

    M64 | Pendant Lamp

    Santa & Cole

  • Nagoya | Pendant Lamp

    Nagoya | Pendant Lamp

    Santa & Cole

  • Wally Cesta | Wall Lamp

    Wally Cesta | Wall Lamp

    Santa & Cole