• Tekiò Circular P4 | Pendant Lamp

    Tekiò Circular P4 | Pendant Lamp

    Santa & Cole

Inspired by the avocado as a transversal element, this restaurant, located in the Madrid’s Justicia district, is a symbol of delicacy. Designed by Madrid in Love Studio, the honest and imperfect, ad hoc aesthetic of Aüakt is seductive.

The restaurant, laid out over two floors, is imbued with an informal ambience in which authentic details prevail. Golden tones contrast with the bare walls and the miscellany of natural materials that combine with a lush, relaxed vegetation. A show of honesty in
which abundant natural light also intervenes, bringing warmth to the space.

The Tekiò Circular lamp, of striking simplicity, is inspired by the traditional Japanese paper lantern. Designed by Anthony Dickens and edited by Santa & Cole, Tekiò stands out as a contemporary object, combining ancestral handcraft techniques with cutting-edge technology. The lamp’s washi paper, made by experts in Japan, nuances light with texture, softly and unassumingly creating places of pause. Arranged correlatively, Tekiò lamps build a warm and welcoming environment in harmony with the elements of the restaurant.

Design Team

Madrid in Love Studio