EASTWEST Introduces New Creative Paradigm with Grand Opening of EASTWEST Studios
Historic Studio Renovated to Inspire Creativity

Hollywood, January 17, 2009 — EASTWEST, leading soundware developer, is saving history while also making it with the grand opening of EASTWEST Studios. Formerly Cello Studios and before that Western Recorders (United/Western Recorders), this iconic Hollywood studio’s public spaces have undergone a multi-million dollar renovation by famous creator and designer, Philippe STARCK. EASTWEST Studios will serve as the new headquarters for the company as well as an inspirational recording complex for some of the industry’s top talent. It will be the only studio in the world to offer, recording, editing, software development, marketing and distribution – all under one roof!

Since its foundation back in 1961, the studio has hosted such musical royalty as Frank Sinatra (“My Way”, “That’s Life”), The Beach Boys (“Pet Sounds”), Mamas and Papas (“California Dreamin’”, “Monday Monday”), to current superstars such as Madonna, The Rolling Stones, and many many more. During its tenure as United/Western, under the rein of Bill Putnam who was involved in many recording firsts, the studio was developed to incorporate some of the most cutting-edge recording technologies of that time. With this latest transformation, EASTWEST Founder and Producer, Doug Rogers, is looking to breathe new life into this “temple of sound” for the next generation of recording artists.

“It was important to us to keep the studios themselves as they were originally, as the acoustics in these spaces have proven themselves over a 50 year period with more engineering awards than any other studios,” says Rogers. “When we took on renovating the studio, not only were we looking to preserve history but we were looking to create a whole new creative environment for both our virtual instrument productions and for the artists the studio hosts. Every visual element in the entire building is designed to accomplish these goals.”

STARCK restored the historic elements of the building both inside and out. Using these world-renowned studios as his muse, STARCK designed a space that highlighted these “audio jewels” and really looked to reflect the wealth of work accomplished within. For example, from the moment one steps into the 21,000-square-foot facility, they are greeted by the grand drape in the foyer, intended to give all that enter the feeling of preparing to “go on stage” and perform in the studios therein. For further inspiration and relaxation between studio sessions, STARCK added a VIP suite upstairs, complete with personal entrance, large terrace, cabana, fireplace, lounge area with pool table and a private restroom and shower. In addition, three more STARCK designed artists lounges were created on the ground floor in separate structures. Above these artist lounges STARCK created mezzanine floors joined by bridges for the EASTWEST software engineers and a separate conference room on top of another structure that houses the studio manager’s office and tech shop underneath. More space is available in the kitchen (equipped for catering) and lounge area adjoining the kitchen. One interesting feature STARCK added was large walls covered with blackboard paint to encourage artists in the facility to add their own “art” to the walls, an ongoing work in progress contributed to by the artists that use the facility to keep it alive and fresh. STARCK’s daughter ARA STARCK, a painter whose work was exhibited in a Paris gallery recently, created the first artwork on the oversized kitchen doors with chalk, and then STARCK invited a graffiti artist to dialogue with ARA’s work.

"When I first saw EASTWEST studios it was my absolute dream to work on this project because I thought about this famous recording studio's history and its purpose which is to make quality music," STARCK explains. "I listen to music while I'm planning out my designs and I feel that my inspiration comes from the quality of the artist's music, so sound is very important to me in this space. I'm astonished when I visit various studios, whether they are recording or for radio, at how they look. You ask people to be at their best and to dream about things in a rat hole. They're spending 12-plus hours in these small spaces that smell and have practically no light - it's ridiculous. I don't need a lot but I can't work like that. I wanted to make this place very human with big areas and small areas where people can find a place that makes them feel comfortable. There is a lounge where people can meet, a kitchen and restrooms that are all comfortable, hopefully it's my small contribution to some great music in the future."

In addition to renovations to the public spaces, EASTWEST has added to the recording equipment. EASTWEST equipped the Studios with vintage analog equipment that was utilized on the company’s MIPA Award-winning Fab Four Virtual Instrument collection, including a very rare EMI REDD tube desk and EMI REDD47 preamps. A rare original Trident A Range desk was purchased for the famous Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” control room, Studio 3. Rogers also purchased other rare audio equipment so the range of audio “colors” available to EASTWEST and outside recording engineers is unparalleled.

“With EASTEST studios, we are really looking to bring both our users’ as well as outside artists’ projects to the next level,” Rogers continues. “Having our own studios will allow us more time to experiment with sounds for our future collections, helping us to further expand our product offerings. Combining our expertise in creating and distributing software virtual instruments with my previous experiences as an engineer/producer and former studio owner, EASTWEST Studios is able to provide artists with a truly “state of the art” recording environment as well as distribution support, all in an atmosphere that is truly inspiring.”

About EASTWEST Studios
Located on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, EASTWEST Studios houses six world-class recording studios and is the new global headquarters for leading soundware developer, EASTWEST. In January 2006, EASTWEST purchased the legendary Cello (formally United-Western) Studios, re-naming it EASTWEST Studios. The non-technical areas of the 21,000-square-foot facility have been redesigned by famous designer Philippe Starck, providing users with a unique creative environment within which to work.

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