Located in Halifax’s long-established West-End, a bold dark gable emerges within a quiet residential neighbourhood. The Armcrescent Residence represents an architectural investigation towards increasing urban density on the Halifax Peninsula, a growing need and topic of discussion in the city over the past few years. Though the city respects history and culture, there’s an excitement and desire for more progressive work. The exterior massing and form aims to modernize traditional architectural forms found throughout Halifax’s historical neighbourhoods. The exterior materiality features a variety of textures within a minimal colour palette. Black reduces the building to its formal qualities, almost like a silhouette on a landscape. The surrounding custom board formed concrete retaining walls provide an opportunity to consider dense urban residential landscaping as complementary three-dimensional form to connect the interior and exterior.

Like the exterior, the interior design of the Armcrescent Residence can be described as contemporary vernacular that places great value in craftsmanship. As both architect and builder, Peter Braithwaite Studio celebrates a diverse range of materials in a modern industrial style with an extensive attention to detail and craft throughout the residence. Materiality is used to create contrast within every space. Feature elements such as a slatted teak screen or crossed-bridged rough-sawn hemlock rafters create a dynamic sweet and sour relationship. The home is organized to offer unique individualized spaces for all ages by providing multiple opportunities for gathering and seclusion on all four levels of the home. There is a space for everybody as our clients represent a growing number of mixed-families within the Halifax peninsula. Custom millwork has been designed, built, and installed by Peter Braithwaite Studio Ltd. Feature countertops, light fixtures, furniture, hardware and faucets to compliment each area of the house. The kitchen is designed right down to the last drawer organizer, box joint, and custom fabricated cutlery block.

Design team:

Peter Braithwaite Studio
Architect: Peter Braithwaite
Project Managers & Designers: Matt Gillingham, Jody Miller
Structural Engineering: Andrea Doncaster Engineering
General Contractor: Peter Braithwaite Studio
HVAC: Ready Refrigeration