Roca Tile presents the most fascinating side of ceramic in Cersaie 2021

The design studio Masquespacio reinterprets for Roca Tile the classic Greco-Latin elements in Infinite Majesty, a surprising, evocative and oneiric booth.

Roca Tile will be present in this new edition of CERSAIE –the international exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings-, with Infinite Majesty, a majestic and surrealistic space that oversteps perspectives and standards with chromatic and material combinations.

Roca Tile’s location has changed to Hall 36, Stand A38-B43, along with other large international brands in the sector. Roca’s presence in this edition of Cersaie invites us to pause and listen to the walls in the space, and get lost in the curves and lines of its perfect geometry.

The inspiration behind the booth design is the porcelain material itself, and the desire to capture the different hints it can offer. The Arcobaleno, Topazio and Saint Tropez Collections illustrate the classic nobility, the sofistication, the balance and the serenity that this space radiates.

Come into Roca Tile’s magic world to leave context
The space designed for Roca is born from an evocative reading of the classic architectural order, with a strategic distribution of the different elements that will shroud you in the room completely. Spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes and prisms blend together in polychromatic columns around the central space.

The mirrors and curtains reinforce the ethereal atmosphere designed for this space, with an unreal and fantastic touch that will make anyone who enters the room forget where they are.

To Masquespacio, the ceramic material is an opportunity to create decorative elements. In the words of Ana Milena Hernández, founder and creative director of the design studio, “we often forget that ceramic is so versatile that it can go beyond its traditional use in floors and walls. The ceramic material has been used to create small sculptural and furniture pieces that are integrated in the space.”

The perspective of this project entailed a challenge both for the design studio and Roca Tile as a manufacturer, as it is far from the conventional functionality sought in this exhibition, trying to transform the booth into an artistic and aesthetic space.

Innovative collections by their technical development and aesthetic qualities
The collections used for the booth creation stand out among Roca Tile 2021 novelties in CERSAIE:

Marble Arcobaleno Blanco 24x48R
Marble Arcobaleno Verde 24x48R

Arcobaleno is an extremely complex marble with an ethereal, almost celestial aesthetic where whites and creams mix with emerald, amaranth and coral veins. This new stone, unique in the design of each piece, creates exceptional combinations for each design space.

In the Arcobaleno collection, colors converge through Roca’s exclusive manufacturing process that combines glazes, reliefs and textures to captivate the senses. The high performance of porcelain is combined with the beauty of the pearly effect, iridescent reflections and ultra-glossy sheens.

Technical Information: Color Body Porcelain. 8.7 mm thickness.
Dimensions 24”x48”
Min. 50% Pre-Consumer Recycled Content

LM Topazio 48x98R
The Topazio series is the synonim of calm beauty. It gathers all the hints and variations of natural stone. Inspired by the Rajasthan Green marble, a complex stone where jade tones mix with ochre veins resulting in a striking outcome, specially because its pieces can be applied floor to ceiling with imperceptible joints.

Technical Information: Polished Porcelain. 7mm thickness.
Dimensions 48”x98”
Min. 25% Pre-Consumer Recycled Content

LM Saint Tropez 48x98R
A thorough selection of stones from India, Turkey and Italy are the inspiration behind this exotic, oneiric and evocative marble characterized by opalescent blue touches in a mix of dark limestones with brown, green, black and gray veins. A celestial body.

Technical Information: Polished Porcelain. 7mm thickness.
Dimensions 48x98cm
Min. 25% Pre-Consumer Recycled Content

Design team: