It is outstanding having your own high-end shoes immortalized by the objective of Helmut Newton in a six-pages feature story published in Vogue magazine.
That is what has happened to Walter Steiger, Genevan fashion designer and collaborator of some of the most prestigious fashion brands. Discovered in London by Mary Quant, his shoes were chosen by Michelangelo Antonioni for the cult film "Blow Up". His first store was opened in 1974 in the Parisian rue de Tournon, and currently he boasts a lot of boutiques worldwide.
One of his traits is the particular attention to the look of his products, as shown by the new lighting system of the showroom on Avenue Matignon in Paris, one of the most beautiful and important streets of the city, known for its art galleries, stylish cafes and luxury boutiques.
This project, completed in 2015, was conceptualized at the Paris Fashion Week, an international event which greatly affects the fashion industry.
A work that had to meet clear needs of the customer: a product with LED technology, with excellent performance, that can be installed as a continuous line, characterized by a high visual comfort which creates an elegant and soft atmosphere. A light system without any visual impact, which leaves the starring role to the product on display, highlighting the preciousness of materials, details and design.

Albatros, the perfect solution

Many requirements fully answered by Albatros, one of the i-Lèd solutions, characterized by the innovative Optilight Technology ™ , which optimises the luminous flux produced guaranteeing top visual comfort. A suspension light with a central casing in white or grey coated extruded aluminium and pair of transparent polymethylmethacrylate diffusers on the sides of the fixture. It is evenly illuminated by a series of topLED circuits positioned in parallel on the central structure. The uniformity and high luminous performance of the diffuser are guaranteed by a special laser engraved surface that evenly distributes the light emitted by the LEDs when the light is turned on, and is perfectly transparent when the light is turned off.

A technologically advanced solution and aesthetically up to the luxury product.