In a sector that requires solutions and applications increasingly sophisticated and personalized, as that of the contract, we need to provide a solution that meets the creativity of professional and its design requirements.
These environments are paying more and more attention to their clients’ functionality and well-being needs: to feel they are being properly welcomed, to understand and personalise their own space, to live and work connected to the world, to rediscover a family atmosphere.
Illumination is a fundamental tool which allows a sensation of energy, practicality and relax.
TecLight and Linea Light Group provided a modern and innovative for the realization of the lighting project in the renovation of the rooms and the terrace of the Hotel Principe Palace in Jesolo (Venice, Italy), just a few steps from the sea, overlooking the most famous square of Lido.
With an attention focused on new technologies, design and materials research, the lighting of the rooms was assigned to Gypsum, one solution with strong architectural attitudes.
Architectural integration accompanied by the best visual comfort: Gypsum changes forms to decorate surfaces with rational yet creative geometries, integrating lighting and architecture thanks to plaster, a traditional material.
The installation of these devices is the perfect fusion of building materials. The result is a complete integration of the products in the wall or ceiling.
Spotlights Quara installed on the terrace, however, create an effect of light and shadow that gives character to the environment, with a modern and sophisticated design. The path marker, thanks to its conformation in steel, has a very high durability. In addition, it complies with rules regarding light pollution.
All products used mountain last generation led circuits for large energy savings.

Hotel Principe Palace

Tec-Light (Linea Light Group) and Hotel owner