• Line | Wandpanel

    Line | Wandpanel


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    Maxima | Wandpanel


The Buddha-Bar in New York, with a YOD Design Lab project, is fully furnished with our Maxima, Stars and Line wall panels and with numerous bespoke and personalized pieces.

Like Laurameroni, YOD Design Lab adores the luxurious essence of one-of-a-kind pieces and personalized furnishings, combined with unusual materials of the highest quality.
With this project, the studio wanted to combine experimental solutions and iconic products from leading brands in the interior design scene.
The target? create something absolutely unique, without rules or models, and completely tailor-made not only in terms of architecture but also in terms of shapes, colours and materials.

Laurameroni Design Collection once again proves to live up to its mantra "Be Different Be Unique" by providing an infinite number of solutions and customizations at the service of the professional's creativity.


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    BD 95 | Anrichte


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    Maxima | KleiderKommode


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    ST 50 | Konsole


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    Stars | Kommodesystem