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The Opera Garden hotel has a large flow of visitors per year. Its location right in the downtown of Barcelona – next to the famous Ramblas - the good reception of the Petit Palace chain to its customers, and the attractive prices of its hotels, are factors that bring together a great variety of clients from very different countries.

The Petit Palace team decided that the new look of the Petit Palace Opera Garden Hotel should have an eclectic style with historical airs, targeting to a category of four stars superior thanks to its interior design. The choice of upholstered seats, the great presence of wood, the stone walls ... everything makes a space that was once cold to become now cozy. The result has been immediate, the length of stay of the clients in the hotel has been increased from the first day, the agglomerations have disappeared, and the comments in social networks have improved ... All this thanks to the interior design and the excellent staff of The Petit Palace Opera Garden Hotel who welcomed the change with enthusiasm...

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