This project was completed by designer and stylist Sarah Van Peteghem (the writer of the blog Coco Lapine Design). For this 100 year old Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin flat with high ceilings Sarah chose to collaborate with Berlin based design company Llot Llov. Their products are determined by the choice of materials and their specific composition and were perfect for this space.

Rather then to create a common home with a couch and TV, Sarah explored a more contemporary version of a home. She placed the Matt and Ray Yarn lights all over the apartment and with their 5m long woollen cables, she was able to make interesting structures.

In the middle of the room you can see the Clark desk, which is usually used as a small office unit with temporary storage space. Here it was used as a breakfast table with the Vipp ceramic collection on top. The difference between the curves of the cups and bowls against the sharp angles of the desk looks very refreshing. Later during the day, the owners of the home can turn the breakfast table into an office area and all day long the flexible table can be the centre of the home.

In the bedroom the woollen tangle of the Matt lights were combined with two Villi Pohjola graphic pillows by Saana Ja Olli in black and white. In both rooms you can find artwork from the series “On the Move”, designed by Sarah.

She kept everything very simple so that the lighting would get most attention and the high ceilings of the building would get accentuated. When picking the right design elements for a space, it is possible to create a spacious living and sleeping area out of a rather small apartment.

Coco Lapine Design
Llot Llov

Vipp ceramics
Saana Ja Olli
“On the Move” prints