Memorial Bahcelievler hospital has been designed to be one of the most exclusive hospitals in the world. This hospital operates on international quality standards, as well as setting an example of contemporary modern design and being environmentally friendly, are is some of its qualities. In addition, the hospital has “Leed Platinum”, the most prestigious green certificate that is awarded to leading institutions, in terms of design.

B&T design and the hospital's design team worked together on this project. All of the loose furniture, of the hospital that is spread on land of 72 thousand square meters, have been produced by B&T design. These products shine out both with their design and comfort, have been put in various parts of the hospital. Lobbies, patient waiting areas, doctor rooms, patient rooms and VIP suites are some of them. The products that fit best to the hospital’s design and needs have been selected. Custom made products with custom sizes have been produced, as a benefit of B&T design’s project privileges, in order to satisfy patients, patient’s guests, and the hospital’s employee’s comfort needs and for the purpose of creating the right interior space, for the hospital. In this process, samples are used on the part of testing and the ideal products, as a result of the test, have been chosen. The healing process of the patients was considered when choosing colors and materials for the products. Keeping in mind that it is a hospital, B&T design specifically used antibacterial materials that do not contain carcinogenic ingredients. All of the fabrics have been supplied from B&T design’s top European quality fabric providers. These fabrics are antibacterial, abrasion resistant and washable.

With their vast experience in hospital design, B&T design brought the best solution to the table, including meticulous care for the hospital’s needs. Boom sofas, that are located in the waiting rooms, offer a warm hospitality through comfort and style. The soft colors created a refreshing scene. Led seating group added elegance while providing comfort due to its backrest and armrest. Loft seating system, in the waiting areas, provided flexibility thanks to its befitting modular form. With their simple form and minimalistic design, Gordon and Modest coffee tables complimented the seating modules. Lamy armchair is spread around the most of the hospital, responding to different needs in progressive spaces.

The hospital that meets International Accreditation Standards went for Pera lounge, for its doctor rooms. Custom sized A-Masa tables fulfilled the modern desk need for doctors, while creating a contemporary concept, complemented by Pera lounge chairs. Every medical department was designed separately, with their different needs kept in mind, pediatric section decorated with children friendly materials.

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