The building of light
Metalarte is a company that has defined its personality through the co-existence of the new and the traditional. Applying Yin and Yang to production has resulted in the possibility of maintaining a cata-logue that balances the future and the past. A tradition that began a workshop at Madrazo Street in Barcelona, continued at Riera de Sant Miquel, subsequently ending up at a factory located in Sant Joan Despí at the beginning of the sixties. The latest destination along this journey once again expresses the duality of metalarte: the spirit of change, with the creation of a new headquarters, and the romanticism of family-run companies, which has prevented the company from moving to another location. The new offices of metalarte, housed in a curiously obscure building, its black colour adding its own personality within the context of an industrial area, express in their interior the keys to its operation:

together with a warehouse and diaphanous offices, a spacious showroom which, in addition to displaying its products in a relaxed and comfortable manner, emphasises the desire to underline the spirit of artistic creation. And a research laboratory in which company technicians explore and test the efficiency of their creations. A new space for the concept of an ancient alchemist: to produce light in ways yet to be discovered. All of this impregnated with natural lighting, a paradox in the case of creators of lamps. However at metalarte they know that their work goes beyond the object and that light is not simply an abstract concept, but the material with which they work. This is why they did not make the obvious move of converting the entrance of their offices into a shop window for the company's products. What they have created is an ethereal lighting installation, the true essence of metalarte.