An Italian Company is the protagonist in the world of metal furniture.

Established in 1976 in San Vendemiano (Treviso), in one of the most important and dynamic industrial clusters of Italy and Europe, Dieffebi has become a reference point in the metal furniture sector internationally. 35% of the company's turnover comes from the Italian market, 65% from exports. The key to Dieffebi's success is the company's ability to give shape to always new syntheses of aesthetic refinement, technological innovation and passion for details: distinctively Italian values, to furnish today's and tomorrow's world.

Drawer pedestals, storage units, bookcases, cabinets: every Dieffebi product is made in Italy by qualified personnel, using the most advanced technologies. This ensures the highest quality standards, accuracy and durability over time. Their design, elegantly minimal, expresses a deep design culture and constant attention to new trends. This is why Dieffebi represents a choice of quality, of "savoire vivre", the fruit of strong expertise, rich in values added, under the sign of proudly Italian technology and professionalism.

Improving the quality of environment, work and life.

"Thinking Beyond," looking beyond: these two words summarize Dieffebi's philosophy, values and mission. It is not a mere slogan, but the statement of our tangible will, which embraces all our company's activities: from design to strategies, from research of new solution in domestic, operating and community space, to the attention paid to everybody's wellness and to the environment. This concept takes form in a full range of metal furniture for homes, offices and communities.

Dieffebi's furniture expresses the culture and values of a company committed to ergonomics, technological innovation and eco-compatibility. At the same time, it satisfies individual needs and wishes through a simple character that originates from our long experience and in-depth research. Furniture to arrange, contain and protect important documents and personal belongings, as well as to organize and divide the most diverse spaces, thanks to modular and transversal systems able to adapt to changing needs, in tune with the most advanced international regulations and the strictest quality standards. Dieffebi is a complete, reliable and creative answer to final users, as well as designers.

The specialization in metal processing is an integral part of Dieffebi's philosophy. Versatile, sturdy, unalterable and recyclable: metal is in perfect tune with our corporate ethics and principles. Moreover, Dieffebi research optimizes the potential of each type of metal: the lightness of aluminium, the versatility of sheet steel, the sturdiness of stainless steel, in order to create furnishing systems that are more and more innovative, pleasant, liveable.

Over 30 years of evolution in technology, design and services.

1976 - 1982 Dieffebi specializes in the manufacturing of metal cabinets and acquires company and market shares of other manufacturers in the industry.

1990 The enhancement of the Research and Development department and the beginning of a series of prestigious partnerships with famous interior designers leads to the start of a new line of office metal drawer pedestals. Functionality, practicality and the warranty of certified quality soon made them one of the company's most requested products internationally.

1997 The company obtains the ISO 9002 certification from the German TÜV agency, in recognition of the quality standards achieved by its corporate system.

2002 New technologies are introduced with the acquisition of advanced equipment which has enabled us to attain very high quality standards, great flexibility and substantial cost reduction.

2003 Dieffebi opens the production plant in San Vendemiano (Treviso), currently dedicated to the manufacturing of components and semi-finished products. In the same year, the company obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

2007 Dieffebi launches its new line of metal furnishing accessories, designed and manufactured for home use: the Dieffebi product concept is thus extended to every architectural context.

2008 A new 10,000 sq.m. warehouse is opened, which guarantees that all products included in the catalogue are delivered quickly anywhere in Europe and the world.

New furnishing systems for new ways of life.

Dieffebi explores the most diverse environments and the emerging lifestyles in order to realize ideas that are always new, in a partnership with Italian and international designers, such as Gianmarco Blini and Takiro Yuta. Dieffebi thinks that a furnishing component is never an end unto itself, but represents an element that needs to be included in a wider context, where things and people, spaces and functions interact.

The design of Dieffebi furniture is based on essentialness, so as to make its integration possible in the most diverse contexts, but also on creativity, to add emotion and passion to daily life.
Ergonomics and eco-sustainability are two other fundamental components of Dieffebi design, whose aim is to make furniture that is beautiful and versatile, but also healthy and safe, in tune with a new concept of eco-compatibility in architecture, consumption and life.

Cutting-edge solutions respecting the planet.

Dieffebi has always specialized in metal processing and uses advanced technologies, top quality materials and processes featuring low environment impact. The flexibility of Dieffebi's corporate systems makes it possible to customize products according to the specific requests from customers. Dieffebi has developed technological solutions which add further value to its furniture. The exclusive selective opening system enhances the product's quality and safety. The certified roller and bearing slides ensure smoothness, noiselessness, high load capacity and durability over time. A wide selection of internal accessories makes it possible to meet every requirement.

The sophisticated production technology adopted by Dieffebi means that we only use the best raw materials, which enhance the final quality of our products and ensure the excellent rendering of coating. The company only uses coating by AkzoNobel, one of the largest manufacturers in the world specializing in eco-friendly products. This ensures their compliance to an integrated system of quality, safety, health and ecological standards.