Tisch mit Sockel aus mattschwarzem, hellblauem oder zweifarbigem (Beine schwarz, Traverse grau) lackiertem Stahl.
Sockel mit vier Gewindeträgern, die eine Höheverstellung bis zu 50 mm. erlauben.
Tischplatte lieferbar aus Kristall, Riffelglas, Esche naturfarbig oder Esche schwarz gebeizt.

225 x 85 x H 74 cm

The LC6 table, always looking for new finishes
Experimentation with materials and colour has always been a recurring theme for Le Corbusier, Jeanneret and Perriand. Respecting this standpoint, the LC6 table, designed for the Salon d’Automne in 1929, has today been launched with new finishes.
The table top is now available in white Carrara marble combined with a black or ivory frame, or finished in black with the innovative soft touch product and combined with a matching black frame. Coupled with the glass this treatment provides both technical and sensory features making the top more resistant and pleasing to the touch.

Measurements: 225x85xh.74cm.

top in white Carrara marble, frame painted black or ivory
top in extra-light clear glass, thickness 15mm, lacquered black with the application of the soft touch treatment, frame painted black.