crona lounge 6387/AH

Sessel von Brunner, Entworfen von Archirivolto


A high seat to really lean back in. And that is just what you can do in this high-backed chair – a truly elegant complement to the crona family. Everyone agrees that crona lounge is unbelievably comfortable, although not everyone agrees about the colour – luckily! Its contrasting seat and cosy upholstery skilfully set it apart from other chairs.

High back, fully upholstered – these are the new, high-backed versions of crona lounge. The first things you notice, of course, are the high, comfortable backrests of the armchairs and sofas. You can see them – but above all you can feel them. Both back and bottom feel really comfortable in this cosy seat and fall completely in love with it – and not just because the high back acts as an ideal room divider. With its contrasting colours along the highquality seams, crona lounge playfully brings two different worlds of material together in one creation. And the armchair has all of that in common with its lovely adaptation, which offers enough space for two: the bench – as this sitting experience is something you will be really happy to share.
Hersteller Brunner
Familie crona collection
Architonic ID 1430904
Bestellnummer 6387/AH
Jahr der Einführung 2016

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crona lounge 6387/AH | Sessel | Brunner

crona lounge 6387/AH


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