Stonevision by Marazzi Group

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Marazzi Stonevision is inspired by the classic elegance of Marble. Its ceramic tiles collections are made in an innovative giant size – 32.5x97.7 cm - with a fine thickness. The collection is complemented by a wide range of decorative tiles that include damask inserts, geometric, striped, floral and mosaic elements for creating intimate, personal spaces. Developed with interior design projects in mind, the versatility of the Stonevision collection makes it the perfect solution for residential settings and commercial contexts like hotels, wellbeing centres and renovation projects.

White-body single firing – ink-jet decoration technology.

32,5x97,7 cm

6 mm

32,5 x 32,5 cm

Glossy surface in all versions.
Striped in Calacatta, Travertino, Hauteville Doré versions.

Calacatta, Portogallo, Travertino, King Beige, Grafite, Thassos, Hauteville Dorè.

Calacatta, Portogallo, King Beige, Travertino and Grafite.

Damasco Décor 32,5x97,7 cm. Available in Portogallo and King Beige
Ramage Décor 32,5x97,7 cm. Available in Calacatta and King Beige
Esatexture Décor 32,5x97,7 cm. Available in Thassos and Hauteville Dorè.
Riga Décor 32,5x97,7 cm. Available in Calacatta, Thassos, Travertino and Grafite
Fiore Décor 32,5x97,7 cm. Available in Thassos, Portogallo and Grafite.
Greca Décor 12,5x32,5 cm. Available in Calacatta, Portogallo, Travertino.
Mosaic 32,5x32,5 cm. Available in all versions.

The Stonevision collection is intended for indoor wall covering for private and public contexts, such as shops, fashion boutiques, pubs, wellness centres, hotels and restaurants.

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