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Antiscratch LuxRaff® and LuxFine®: Ultra-resistant to scratches and stains and non-slip glass line. The only highly scratch- and stain-resistant glass with Alfluor process, which also has non-slip properties. Highly resistant and amazingly easy to clean (even with water alone) it is the ideal solution for demanding applications such as kitchens, stairs, pavements… even outside. The Antiscratch solution where elegance, resistance and safety are compatible in the same product.

extraclear, clear, bronze, grey, green, blue and mirror.
With mirror base: extra-clear, clear and coloured.

3 to 12 mm and laminated (all models)
Also 15 and 19 mm (LuxRaff® Regular)

Standard 225 x 321 cm (all models)
Optional 180 x 321 cm
Also 201, 240, 252 and 600 x 321 cm (LuxRaff® Regular)

2.5kg/m2 per mm thickness.

float glass standard UNE-EN 572-2, mirror standard UNE EN 1036 quality and resistance to corrosion.

- Can be tempered and laminated.
- For interior and exterior use.
- Resistant to common kitchen products and liquids and to atmospheric agents and pollution.
- Easy to clean
- Naturally anti-bacterial
- Scratch Resistance and Anti-Slip Certifications
- Most durability: Antiscratch is glass only, no coatings or films are added to the surface.
- Also available in Jumbo format: 600×321 cm and 19mm thickness.
- SEVASA satin is untouched by time, and does not degrade or blur.
- Guaranteed homogenous quality and high production capacity.
- SEVASA holds the quality certificate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in environmental quality.

- Kitchen and bathroom worktops, heavy-duty work surfaces.
- Stairs, steps, footbridges, ramps, entrances, trafficable roofs.
- All types of enclosure systems, dividers, screens, handrails.
- Doors, cupboards, changing rooms, shelves, lights, display cases and furniture in general.
- Wall coverings and glass surfaces with a sophisticated appearance.

Certificates and methods:
Resistance and non-slip certificates according to international methods and standards.
- Scratch resistant: EN 101:91 MOHS
- Anti-slip: UNE ENV 12633 (Pendulum) / DIN 51130 (Ramp) / DIN 51097 (Barefoot) / ASTM C 1028 (Dry & Wet) / UL 410

Product group: Wash basins Kitchen products Hard floors Flooring units Wall coverings Curtains / Blind systems Partition systems Doors Stairs / Elevators Components Materials / Finishes Facade systems Entrance doors Shading Cladding panels Glass Facing panels Floor panels Hinged doors Facade cladding Kitchen countertops Space dividing storage Glass partitions Glass stairs Glass countertops Glass flooring Glass balustrade panels Glass dividing walls Glass room doors Glass facades Glass sliding shutters Balcony glazing Glass porches Room divider systems Front doors Glass doors Glass doors Internal doors Glass doors Countertops Glass doors Panelling systems Wardrobe doors Architectural screens Entrance doors Glass cladding panels Glass flooring Glass floor panels Countertops glass …translucent Translucent …in glass Floor panels glass Material: Glass Floor panels translucent Glass flooring translucent Glass flooring translucent Countertops translucent Glass doors Glass doors Glass doors Glass doors Countertops glass Countertops translucent

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