3mm Translucent cast acrylic sheet, gloss by selected by Materials Council

3mm Translucent cast acrylic sheet, gloss


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Lucite International
Perspex ‘Opal White’ 069

Product description
This cast acrylic sheet has a high quality surface with a brilliant white homogenous appearance available in a range of translucencies, though it is relatively expensive.
It can be complexly fabricated and is fully recyclable but contains no recycled content. It is available in large format sheets and a range of thicknesses.
A completely opaque version is unavailable in the most brilliant white due to the necessary addition of carbon black, giving a slightly smokey appearance.
Acrylic is an alternative to glass products in weight sensitive applications such as overhead glazing and is an excellent diffuser of light.
Acrylic products have a low scratch resistance but good impact resistance.
The product is fully recyclable.

Intended applications
• Internal cladding
• Overhead glazing
• Transactional surfaces

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