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Solid surface mineral polymer composite
Solid surface mineral polymer composite
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DuPont Corian
12mm Glacier White (200p honed)

Product description
This material is a highly-controlled composite of acrylic and alumina trihydrate.
It allows the construction of seamless surfaces and complex forms through skilled fabrication and the use of colour matched bonding resins. It can also be thermoformed and decorative designs with a range of depths can be routed into the surface.
Available in a range of thickness, the material is translucent at thinner depths and opaque when used in thicker sheets.
Its brilliant white homogenous surface is easy to maintain due to its low porosity and excellent repairability. Scratches and surface marks can be buffed out and chips can be filled with resin and polished until invisible.
Its low porosity and lack of joints also make it ideal for environments with stringent hygiene requirements such as healthcare.
Engineered materials of this kind come with an increased cost and complex fabrications can also add to this cost.
Its composite nature means that it is not readily recycled but downcycling is possible.

Intended applications
• External envelope
• Internal cladding
• Backlighting
• Work surfaces

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